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Top Tips on How To Reduce Facial Wrinkles


To keep looking good, beautiful, and glamorous, just like the models, celebrities, TV Stars, you must give attention to your face. This is because your face and how good it looks, is what tells a lot about how beautiful you are! As we grow and mature, facial lines and wrinkles start to appear. So, how do you keep it at bay, and keep looking sweet and adorable, just like the celebrities we see on TVs, magazines, and on the red carpets? Why not read on and find out!

1. Avoid washing your face too often

Yes! Avoid washing your face too often. You tend to wash away its protection when you do. Water from the tap rids your facial skin of its natural Oils and moisture which helps to protect your face from wrinkles. Rather than using tap water to wash your face regularly, why not try using gel or cream facial cleanser? This is a much better option!

2. Eat loads of Salmon Fish

Experts tell us that rather than eating red meat, go for cold water fish, especially Salmon. They are a good source of protein necessary for smooth and radiant skin. They also posit that these essential fatty acids we get from these fish-meals, helps to nourish the skin, looking radiant and youthful, thereby minimizing facial wrinkles! My candid advice to you? Eat more fish and less meat!

3. Drink less Coffee

You seriously want to keep those facial wrinkles at bay, or reduce them? Then drink less coffee and more chocolate drinks made from cocoa. Experts tell us that cocoa drink contain antioxidants which helps to reduce hydration, protect the skin from damage from the sun, improve blood flow, and generally helps to keep our skin looking soft, radiant and more healthier! Isn’t that amazing?

4. Trying Sleeping more on you back

Another good way to reducing facial wrinkles is to sleep more often on your back, rather than on your side or on your belly. This is because sleeping on your side or belly night after night can lead to you having facial wrinkles on the top of layer of your facial skin and they tend to stubbornly remain when you are up and awake. When you sleep regularly on your side, you develop wrinkles on your chin and cheeks. In the same vein, sleeping on your belly regularly can make you develop furrowed brow.

5. Use Vitamin – C Rich Creams

Experts say creams rich in Vitamin C helps to reduce redness, dark spots, raise collagen productions, protect against ultraviolet rays from the sun, and helps also to even out skin tone. Creams that are rich in ascorbyl palmitate or L-ascorbic acid are best for helping to relieve wrinkle. So the next time you get a facial cream, look out for one rich in Vitamin C.

6. Use Sunglasses and Reading Glasses

To avoid those wrinkles from your face and protect the skin around your eyes, get a pair of sunglasses. This helps to protect your face from the rays and heat of the sun, especially those types worn by models and celebrities. Furthermore, rather than straining your eyes and peering when reading, get yourself a pair of reading glasses too. This is because straining your eyes puts stress on your facial muscles, which then forms furrows underneath the surface of your skin. It is these furrows that form those facial wrinkles.

7. Basic Skin Care Rules

These basic skin care rules must be adhered to, if you are really serious at keeping away facial wrinkles. Ignoring these simple yet powerful tips could result in facial wrinkles you really don’t want. Use moisturizer creams, wear sunscreen and sun protective clothing, avoid the sun as much as you can, and last but not the least, don’t smoke or stop smoking. Keep these basic regimes and you will be on your way to having a young, smooth and radiant skin.

8. The Soy Advantage

Experts tell us the immense benefit of taking Soy as a supplement or applying it to the skin. These include improved skin appearance and protection from the sun. It can also help to heal any sun damage to your facial skin, even out the tone of your facial skin, improve the firmness and structure too

9. Rub on Loads of Alpha-hydroxy Acids

They help increase collagen production, decrease surface wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, and even the appearance of pores too. It is advisable to wear lots of sunscreen daily, if you decide to use these natural beauty-enhancing acids. smiling

Whatever tip or tips you decide to go with, be rest assured that if followed meticulously, you will definitely start seeing the dividends pay off pretty soon. In no time, you will be so proud, happy and confident of your facial looks that you will not hesitate to recommend this blog to your friends, pals, family, colleagues and everyone!

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