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Is an Eye Exam Really Necessary For Proper Eye Care?

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In a situation where a patient goes in for their first eye exam and there is already damage to their vision. Several of the eye problems that are capable of leading to loss or damage of the vision can actually be slowed down, or may even be able to be prevented in the event that they are caught early on. So therefore, the real key is to spread the word about proper eye care and inform people when they need to start having eye exams done as well as how often they are going to need to repeat the eye exams.

For peoper eye care in adults, it has been recommended that all the patients that are over forty receive an eye exam every two years. After the age of fifty, the yearly eye exams are a must. While there are some people that wonder if the actual frequency of the eye exams is really necessary, we all know that certain states of the disease are going to significantly progress within that amount of time.

In fact, in the even that a patient is diagnosed with glaucoma, they are going to need to be examined every three months. Cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration are all going to start to show up at the time that the patients are in their forties and fifties. This is the main reason why all of the yearly exams for eye care are considered a must.

For children, an eye exam before the age of six is always the best. Most of the school screenings are very good but there are times that some subtle problems are present that can become much larger issues in the event that they are missed. The window of opportunity to fix any of those problems is known to close around the age of eight or nine. In the event that everything is normal, then the exams are going to be every three to five years if that is acceptable.

There isn’t anyone that can make you go in for an eye exam, but if you care for your vision and you want to be able to see everything you can see until the day that you die, you need to take the time to go in for an eye exam.

Most of these types of problems are preventable but if you just sit around and do nothing about them, you are going to have some problems later on down the road that aren’t preventable because you have allowed them to progress so long. Proper eye care plays a huge role in stemming the progress of any adverse eye condition. In the event that you aren’t very familiar with the eye doctors within your community. All you have to do is pull out a local phone book, and in the yellow pages there will be a list of all of the eye doctors within your local area.

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