Platelet-rich plasma therapy to cure several health issues

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Platelet-rich plasma therapy has become extremely popular as it is usually supported by athletes to heal them from severe sports injuries. Numerous medical practitioners are using this platelet-rich plasma therapy for various reasons including hair growth, soft tissue repairing, and so on. Various researches have been conducted that this therapy is quite an effective one to heal the above-mentioned issues. Medical practitioners are using this therapy to heal as well as to diminish irritation. The doctor doing PRP therapy first draws blood from the patient’s skin. There can be side effects also involved in this treatment that includes mild nausea, dizziness, and passing out. 

Platelets have several roles in our bodies. The major function of platelets is to make blood clots that stop excessive bleeding. The next function of these platelets is to contain proteins in the blood. There are numerous benefits involved in this process. The very first is hair growth. Medical practitioners have done PRP treatment into the hair scalp as a way of diminishing the irritation that leads to hair fall. Tissue repairing or healing is another benefit of this treatment. Medical practitioners do this treatment on patients after jaw or plastic surgeries in order to heal pain and discomfort. This PRP treatment is an ideal one for ligaments surgery as they take time to heal. Doctors have done this treatment on osteoarthritis patients as well. 

In recent studies, it has been found out that as compared to women, men getting this treatment are growing more hair. Doctors are using this treatment to heal cracked bones as well but till now they have not found any kind of effectiveness here. This treatment is a costly one that takes between $500 to $2000. This treatment cannot be covered under insurance as there are no medical evidences of this treatment yet. Moreover, the cost of this treatment depends on factors like location, the facilities you are getting, and the doctor doing the treatment. All these factors together form the exact cost of this treatment.  

In this treatment, the patient is given maintenance injections after 2 to 3 months. Numerous elite and famous names in sports have undergone through this treatment for numerous tissue healing. In terms of side effects, there is not any kind of side effects here as the platelet rich plasma is getting used in the treatment. It may be possible that the person may suffer from pain, discomfort, and some bleeding from the injection place. People can get back to their daily routine soon after having this treatment. This entire process takes up to 1 hour of time.

Recent studies are showing that this is really an effective treatment. So, if you also want to undergo through this treatment, you need to consult your medical practitioner now as he can guide you very well that if the treatment is well for you or not. He will first examine your health condition and then he will give his recommendation that whether this treatment is fine for you or not.            

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