The Health Benefits Of Lavender Tea

Revered for centuries as a way to soothe, calm and cleanse lavender has earned itself a name as the perennial plant that can do no bad. Everyone can find a use for this versatile herb as its unique properties are impossible to mirror.

Recently lavender tea has become popular amongst many, not yet on the supermarket shelves, it certainly won’t be long before this is taking a prime spot alongside the chamomile infusions and herbal blends, possibly becoming more popular than all of them put together.

The reasons lavender tea could quite easily see to the demise of the chamomile and others is simple, the health benefits are immense offering not one advantage but many that make it a drink of magical qualities.

As we know lavender naturally induces sleep the safe way. Proven years ago, even Queen Victoria would enjoy a lavender spritz on her freshly laundered bedding to promote a good night’s sleep. However studies have shown that these benefits extend beyond the aromatherapy, allowing tea drinkers to experience the same sedative effect through a warming cup. It can also help with leg spasms and restlessness making it ideal as a night time cuppa.

Lavender has been proved to be as effective when ingested as it is when inhaled. This makes lavender tea perfect to enjoy when experiencing the onset of a headache. Lavender oil rubbed onto the temples can double the effectiveness harnessing the calming effect from the inside out. It is claimed that lavender tea works best for headaches induced by nervousness or exhaustion and some say it is a great remedy for pre-menstrual migraines.

Stomach Upsets
Lavender tea is known to alleviate stomach cramps, cure indigestion and even act as an anti-flatulent. Typically peppermint tea is used for this purpose however with all of the additional benefits it’s plain to see why lavender tea may soon be leading the way.

How to Make Lavender Tea
Some specialist shops online do sell the perfect preparation of lavender tea, however it is also simple to make your own. Using the lavender from your garden or from buying lavender seeds and flowers online you can whip up this cure all in no time.

Simply take two teaspoons of flowers or buds (the freshest the better if harvesting your own, try not to pick blooms that are wilted or dry) and mix with one cup of boiling water. You can use honey to taste and many enjoy adding manuka honey as it combines the healing powers of both natural ingredients to make the perfect refreshing healthy drink.

A more concentrated tea (5-6 teaspoons of flowers) can be used for treating superficial cuts and burns, whereas increasing the lavender content will produce a disinfectant suitable for all surfaces.

Why Your Health Is Importantant

The answer is obvious. It is a fact of life that medical problems will be faced by us from the day we were born until the day we die. We cannot run away from medical problems but we can learn why these medical problems arise. Questions like “why did it happen?” or “what caused it?” are common amongst patients. Once these questions are answered, the next question invariably becomes “what should I do about it?”.

The more you know about your health, the more involved you can be in taking care of your health and the better overall result it would be to your life and lifestyle. Generally, there are three areas which you can look at where healthcare is concerned and these are “Keeping Fit”, “Health and Nutrition” and “Mental Wellness”.

Keeping Fit
Do you keep yourself fit? What is keeping fit? “Fitness” is much thought of as something related to some form of physical activity – mostly the rigorous kind. The standard of “fitness” varies between individual to individual. Some see walking 400 metres around the park as an achievement in itself whilst some would only be satisfied after running 10 kilometres daily. Some consider themselves fit when they are free of disease or other major health problems.

Being fit relates to every aspect of your health, whether it is physical, emotional or mental. They are all interconnected. You cannot have one without the other to be truly fit. Consider the following aspects of being fit:-
1. When you are fit, you have the stamina and positive outlook to handle all forms of mental and emotional challenges daily.
2. When you are fit, you have a reduced risk of major health problems.
3. When you are fit, you feel and look your very best and you are mentally confident about it.
4. When you are fit, you are at the peak of your physical strength and endurance at the material time.

Health and Nutrition
What is nutrition? It basically means how the food you are taking nourishes your body. Being well nourished depends on you ensuring that your body gets enough nutrients. It is not just plain eating but healthy eating that one should strive for. In this connection, good nutrition cannot be overemphasised. Healthful feeding aids fitness. Studies have shown that children who were well nourished tend to do better in growth and mental development.

The “danger in eating” which many people fail to realise is that when one eats, one is being satisfied by the senses – the taste, aroma, texture and sight of beautifully cooked and presented food. The focus on the said senses as against the focus on the nutritional value of the food to the body sometimes leave a person having an unbalanced nutrition. A person may be fond of eating steak but having that for most meals would be a recipe for health problems to occur. What is required is a balanced eating habit and ensuring that the food that you eat contains the main groups of nutrients – carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Ensure that you are eating right and that your diet is varied.

Mental Wellness
Research has shown that a healthy mind affects the overall health of a person and more so, during treatment of disease and recovery therefrom. We all need a healthy mind to have a quality life so that we can face up to the challenges of life, keep a positive outlook on things happening around us, seek intellectual stimulation and make creative use of time through work and volunteer services.

Practise good self-care for both your body and mind. Get plenty of rest, eat right and exercise regularly. Have regular medical check-ups and talk to your medical doctor about any anxieties or stress which you might be facing. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Keep your mind busy with positive learning and interacting with others through appropriate socialising.

Keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle for your health very much affects how well you are living.

The Significance of Journey Health Insurance Coverage in Abroad

When travelling overseas on company or enjoyment you’ll create a checklist of issues you’ll need to consider with you. Probably the most essential factor you’ll need to account for is journey health insurance coverage. If you’re travelling to some nation which you are unfamiliar with and exactly where you’ve no family and friends, and when something had been to occur for you, you’ll finish up having to pay a great deal additional merely since you don’t belong there. Journey health insurance coverage is crucial, don’t wait until you expertise the sick results of not purchasing journey health insurance coverage for yourself, understand from other people’s errors and ensure you make preparations.

The significance of this sort of insurance coverage when travelling abroad is outlined beneath:

Reassurance: When you’re travelling with health insurance coverage you are able to appreciate your journey without worrying about creating preparations for health-related costs in the event you had been to drop ill or encounter an incident. You are able to be adventurous and attempt everything you had prepared to complete whenever you understand that you’ll be secured monetarily even when something had been to go incorrect.

Hosts: Whenever you journey overseas and therefore are remaining at a friend’s location, you’re technically their duty. If something had been to occur for you, they’d be devastated plus they would also need to bare the health-related costs. You’ll need to make sure which you aren’t a load in your hosts and also you can do that by caring for your journey insurance coverage. In the event you would require health-related treatment overseas, your journey insurance coverage strategy would cover it as well as your hosts would offer you the ethical assistance you’ll need.

Other possessions: Lots of journey health insurance coverage ideas also provide to cover your other possessions which means you don’t really feel the pinch of shelling out an excessive amount of cash on securing your health just in case absolutely nothing from the normal had been to occur. Your digital camera, mobile phone, laptop computer and so on.

Advantages: Whenever you avail of insurance coverage you are able to insure yourself as much as around you would like, ideally you need to usually insure yourself for greater than you’re thinking that you’ll need. Also you are able to request for advantages like repatriation just in case you’ll need to become sent house and also you may also avail of the 24 hour emergency facility in any nation.

In the event you don’t have health by your aspect you’ll be not able to appreciate your vacation. It might be considered a little damage or perhaps a small flu, together with your journey health treatment insurance coverage you are able to consider treatment of any sickness that will befall you with no be concerned within the globe. Lots of individuals go in for journey health insurance coverage in the finish moment and therefore are grateful they did. Why spend exorbitant expenses for health treatment whenever you can consider treatment of one’s health from whenever you depart your nation by itself by merely choosing a journey health insurance coverage strategy.

How Rosehip Oil Has Helped To Hide My Scar

After an accident with an iron a few years back, my wrist was left with an unsightly scar and ever since then I’ve been attempting to cover it up… long sleeves, chucky watches… you name it, I’ve hidden my scar with it. I decided to go on a quest to find out the best way to reduce the appearance of my scar and carried out some research – I found that lots of people where raving about rosehip oil!

I was sceptical about using the oil at first as I was under the impression that this oil was merely used as an anti-aging remedy and I’m not at the age where I need to start trying to reduce fine lines and wrinkles quite yet! However, after conversations with a few different people who have used the oil to reduce the visibility of their scars, I decided to give it a go and put the oil to the test.

Rosehip oil isn’t the first product that I’ve used to fade my scar, however, other formulated lotions and potions I’ve tried have left my skin feeling irritated and dry; they seem to have done more harm than good in my opinion. With this in mind, I was excited to try rosehip oil as it’s completely natural so it was sure not to irritate my skin.

I had a look online and found that the most effective way to apply the oil is to gently massage 1 or 2 drops to my scar a couple of times a day. It’s fair to say that it wasn’t long until I started to notice some improvements although the results didn’t come overnight. It took around 6 months to notice a massive difference in the visibility of my scar but throughout that 6 month period, my confidence grew massively and I was no longer trying to hide away my wrist (I even gave my wardrobe a full revamp, throwing out all my old long-sleeved items – I felt like a new person!).

My scar is barely noticeable now and it’s all thanks to this magical oil! I was intrigued as to how the product worked, so I decided to take a look online. Apparently, the oil contains a great deal of essential fatty acids, which ‘provide tissue regenerating and rejuvenating effects’ and ‘the oil reduces inflammation’ – great for my sensitive skin!

Throughout my rosehip oil treatment, I read a great deal of testimonials that related to the oil and I’ve seen that many people have shared how it has helped them with skin conditions. Many people have used the oil to fade stretchmarks, improve skin tone, skin colour and also to nourish dry skin. A lot of the testimonials have included some great tips and advice too -storing it in the fridge is one of my favourites, it makes the oil feel really refreshing when applied to the skin. A tip that I’m yet to try out is popping a couple of drops of rosehip oil in my bath – this is supposed to deeply nourish your skin so I’m keen to give it a go!

I’m so thrilled with how the rosehip oil has helped to reduce my scar and I would recommend it to anybody who is feeling self-conscious about a skin condition – the oil gave me a massive confidence boost and I’m so glad that I decided to start using the product.

Follow Weight Loss Advice To Stay Fit

According to a recent survey more than 50 percent people are overweight by some measure. Those who realize that they are overweight take different measures and follow different diet plans in order to lose weight. Many people take this as a challenge to fight against obesity and stay young and healthy. There have been so many dietary recommendations as well as nutrition advises from the dieticians and health practitioners. Let us get to understand weight loss advice that will help you stay fit and healthy.

1) Some form of physical exercise is a must: You should never forget that whichever diet pattern you may follow to lose weight, but you need to assist every weight loss program with some form of physical exercise. You may go for yoga, aerobics, fitness programs, gym etc. Exercise helps you to stay physically fit and strong. Regular exercise has many benefits; it increases your metabolic rate and also keep your heart healthy.

2) Try to follow weight loss program slowly and steadily: You must always remember that losing weight is a difficult task and not something that can be achieved over night. So it is best to follow all kinds of weight loss program slowly. Furthermore if you lose weight suddenly then it can itself possess some health problems. Your body needs to adjust in accordance with the changes in your body mass index, hence a sudden weight loss can be considered as healthy.

3) Maintain a dairy: It is a must to maintain a dairy. In this diary, you can keep a count of your daily work out sessions and weight loss routine. You can also record the changes in your eating habits and the milestones you have reached. This will help you to assess your progress easily.

4) Balanced diet is very necessary to stay healthy: This is one major weight loss advice that all doctors give. You must go for balanced diet. This helps you stay healthy and provide your body with all kinds of nutrition. Stay away from high calorie foods and junk food as they are high on calories but low on nutrition.

5) Focus on accelerating your metabolism: Some people think that eating less will help them lose weight easily but this is not true. Gone are the days when people used to starve in order to achieve their dream bodies. Today the idea is to eat more, accelerate the metabolism and lose weight. The key thing is that you have to eat the right meals instead of eating just about anything that you can find.

6) Drink water: drinking plenty of water can easily flush out the toxins in your body. In fact this is one advice that is universally applicable whether you are on a weight loss regime or not.

7) Watch out your own portion of food: It is very must to look out for you own portion of food you are having. Try to stop eating when you feel full.

8) Relax and have healthy sleeping time: You must take some time out for complete relaxation. You must try to get a sound sleep at night. A good night’s sleep is very necessary to stay active.

Give Your skin a good start with Easy Natural skin care Suggestions

In terms of natual skin care guidelines, one thing you need to know is actually significantly less is more! Let your skin inhale whenever you can. A lot of beauty products along with cosmetic makeup products include chemical substances that could dry the skin, boost sensitivity as well as trigger allergies. Take into consideration how you would likely take care of any child’s fine skin; would you overload that together with tough goods and poisonous chemical substances, so why do which in your own? Maharishi Ayurveda suggests cutting out artificial products on and on returning to character to attain healthful, shining skin color.

These kinds of natual skin care recipes through Maharishi Ayurveda are usually a great way to start out breathing in new lifestyle into the skin!

Cleaning Clean regarding Dried-out skin

Blend together A couple of teaspoons quick-cooking oats, 1/4 teaspoon almond powdered, 1/4 tsp of fruit peel off powder, 1/4 tsp . rose floral powdered and 2 tablespoons yoghurt. If they are blended nicely, utilize the amalgamation for your confront using clean tips of the fingers. Use a delicate effect when applying almost anything to that person! Allow the clean to create on your skin, after that take it off through massaging this gently. It will are removed in flakes. A little warm water will help take away any kind of desperate spots. Rinse off the face next softly wally the idea dry out with a soft towel. Use a adding nourishment to moisturiser. This kind of detoxification wash is an excellent skin exfoliator, because of the instant oat meal and also almond powder. Oats additionally safeguard against destruction in the sun and provide the actual important b vitamins and also At the. Orange peel from the lime features a treatment influence. If you have the aggravated pitta, yogurt will pacify this.

In case you have delicate skin color, make use of complete organic whole milk rather than yoghurt, along with went up by petal as opposed to red peel from the lime.

Exfoliation Wash for greasy Pores and skin:

Combination One tsp done whole wheat wheat bran, 1/4 tsp . almond powdered ingredients, 1/2 tsp of orange-peel powder along with One particular tsp . lemon juice. Put it on lightly towards the face in actually, circular movements. Wheat or grain bran is great at cleaning tiny holes, whilst the vit c within freshly squeezed lemon juice improves scrubbing activity.

Moisturiser with regard to Dry Skin

Blend 1/2 tsp of cocoa powder butter or avocado gas, 1/2 tsp of lime or lemon liquid, One tsp organic olive oil and three lowers jasmine essential oil. Offer the face an easy request twice a day. This could be saved in the actual fridge for approximately 7 days.

Moisturiser for greasy Skin color

Combine One teaspoon lemon juice, 2 declines associated with lemon-peel fat, A single tsp . essential olive oil as well as 1/2 tsp of cocoa powder butter.

Moisturizer with regard to Delicate Epidermis

Blend One tsp of whitened sandalwood powdered, A single teaspoon marshmallow powdered, 1/4 tsp of flower flower petals, One tsp . Natural Increased H2o and 1 tsp . barley natural powder.

The Best Women Health Supplements

Modern women live a hectic lifestyle and sometimes too busy to even stay healthy. Busy people tend to be forgetful and important things like how to stay healthy seems to be overlooked. With this fact, the industry of health supplements take this opportunity to target busy women and remind them to think about health once and for all.

Health supplements like multivitamins are some of the most popular. Women can take multivitamins not just to fight malnutrition but to keep a healthy lifestyle. If you value your health more than anything else, this important thing shouldn’t be compromised. Thus, even if it means spending some amount of money, you will still do it, as long as it promises to keep you fit and healthy.

On the other hand, health supplements can also mean weight loss supplements. Even though women get too busy with their work, their work only involves sedentary activities that result in either obesity or getting a little bit fat, which is also unhealthy. Thus, weight loss supplements like fat binders and hoodia gordonii pills are the most preferred supplements as they can help women to keep fit in spite of busy schedule. These kinds of supplements also act as appetite suppressors.

Another kind of health supplement is folic acid. Folic acid works best for women who are planning to get pregnant. Folic acids which can either be taken before or during pregnancy helps to develop the so called baby’s neural tube. The neural tube plays an important role in developing the baby’s nervous system.

Probiotics contain good bacteria and it is another essential health supplements that women can take. Probiotics mainly help the digestive system to work normally and it also reduce the chances of women getting bloated.

There are also health supplements for menopausal women. Menopausal can be a very painful process and by taking menopause related supplements women wouldn’t have a hard time dealing in this sensitive stage of womanhood.

Some health supplements which can also be taken by women are the pregnancy anc conception supplements. Like the folic acid, these kinds of supplements help in breast feeding and in maintaining the overall health of the baby while it’s in the mother’s womb.

Though some of the mentioned supplements are already essential, women can also take other supplements like hair and skin supplements, PMS related supplements, and supplements that provide nutrients needed by the body to be healthy.

How To Maintain a Healthy Brain

Ever wondered what you can do to maintain a healthy brain? In this day and age of technological advancement, a healthy diet can help to protect you against an array of health problems and long-term conditions. Furthermore, it has been proven that eating the right foods can even reduce your risk of developing dementia in later life.

In this article, we discuss six different kinds of foods that could help to keep your brain healthy well into old age.

1. Curry

In places where curry is a main part of their diet, the incidence of Alzheimer’s is lower compared to places where it is not. Research show this is highly likely to be the presence of curcumin, which provides its yellow colour. It is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and prevents amyloid proteins from grouping together. Clumps of these have been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

2. Nuts

Research has shown that people who consumed the most vitamin E from their diet reduced their risk of developing Alzheimer’s compared to those who ate the least. Nuts such as pecans, almonds, and walnuts are a good source of vitamin E. If you haven’t already, then start eating lots of nuts, and keep that brain ticking!

3. Oily fish

One portion of oily fish a week, at the least, such as mackerel, salmon, trout or tuna, could help reduce cognitive decline. The major ingredient in oily fish is the Omega-3 fatty acids, necessary for normal brain development and could help keep and maintain a healthy brain as we age.

4. Leafy greens

Ensure that you keep a ready supply of leafy greens to keep your brain healthy. The B vitamins within vegetables like kale, spinach and cabbage, and other dark-skinned vegetables, helps to maintain healthy levels of an amino acid that impairs brain function, while a lack of folate can cause problems when it comes to performing cognitive tasks.

5. Berries

Berries are packed full of vitamin C which helps to keep and maintain your brain in good shape. Examples are Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries, along with oranges, cherries and red grapes will provide a healthy dose of vitamin C and antioxidants too. These fruits will help keep your brain in top gear, along with your overall well-being.

6. Dark-skinned vegetables

Researchers has shown that eating dark-skinned vegetables or greens like broccoli, red pepper and aubergine gives you invaluable antioxidants and helps protect your brain too. If you are keen on maintaining a healthy brain and ultimately a healthy lifestyle, then eat loads of veggies!

Things To Stop Before Pregnancy

Are you looking forward to get pregnant and start a new family with your husband? If yes, then you need to take a few precautions to make sure that your pregnancy period goes well.

There are various things that you might be doing currently and you need to stop those activities immediately. Things like alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco are extremely toxic, and they can prove too poisonous for you and the foetus. If you have any such bad habits and trying to conceive, then read the following points to know more about the ill-effects of such habits.

Quit Smoking Immediately

If you have been smoking cigarettes or tobacco in any other form, then stopping it before pregnancy is the most ideal thing to do. Smoking raises the chances for miscarriage, untimely birth and low-birth-weight. Furthermore, it also expands the likelihood of your child developing issues later on, such as asthma.

If you think that you can’t stop, in that case, at least make an attempt to reduce the quantity of cigarettes you smoke, and take additional care to eat well. Your gynecologist can give you helpful tips on the most effective method to stop or decrease smoking cigarettes. Even if you’re not a smoker, keep in mind that long exposure to second-hand smoke is likewise unsafe.

Important Note: Remember, it’s important for you to find the most experienced gynec for your treatment, and for that you need to make a list of the best female gynecologists, and then get more information about them.

Say No To Alcohol

Pregnant moms are strongly advised to stay away from any form of liquor. If you drink, the foetus becomes more exposed to risks such as infections, birth defects, infant mortality, and growth inadequacies.

Infants born to women who frequently consume liquor may suffer from physical and intellectual damage, a health issue known as FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).

Since it isn’t known whether there is a safe least amount of liquor which can be consumed without involving any risk, it is better to stay away from liquor completely during your pregnancy period. By deciding not to consume alcohol while you’re pregnant, you increase the infant’s chances of having a healthy life.

Use Medicines Cautiously

It’s also crucial to practice caution when it comes to intake of medicines. Some generally utilised medications, including non recommended drugs as aspirin, and even other common medicines, have been connected to birth abnormalities. This is why it becomes so important to find the best gynec.

Top 10 Threats to Men’s Health

No matter how much of a cliche it may sound, the maxim that prevention is better than cure applies – especially when it comes to men’s health. The reason why this is so is because when you look at the top 10 leading causes of deaths in males in the United States, you would see that they are actually perfectly preventable.

So if you don’t want to be part of these statistics, what exactly can you do to prevent them? What are the ways that men can avoid the top 10 threats in their health from occurring? Read on to find out.

Enumerating the Top 10 Threats to Men’s Health & How They Can be Prevented

Now, here are the top ten health threats to their health that men face on a regular basis, as well as some tips on exactly how they can be prevented:

1. Heart Disease

Even from the CDC’s 2003 statistics, heart disease is the number one killer of American men. From 2003 to 2004, it was responsible for causing about 28% of the deaths – and the sad thing about it is that this is a completely preventable disease.

In order to avoid heart disease, you should try to maintain a healthy weight. Having a diet which is rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber and avoiding fatty foods is also a great way to keep heart disease at bay.

Sometimes, there are underlying health conditions related to heart disease. If you have diabetes, for example, you should keep your blood sugar under control. Also, have your body cholesterol and blood pressure tested – and always follow your doctor’s advice.

2. Cancer

The big ‘C’ is a close second to heart disease as the leading causes of death in male Americans.

The types of cancers which cause death include lung cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Perhaps the most preventable type of cancer among these three is lung cancer. As long as you steer clear of smoking, there is a lesser chance that you will get it.

As for prostate and colon cancer, the best way to fight against cancers is by having regular checkups or preventive health screenings.

3. Unintentional Injuries

The instances when unintentional injuries which lead to death occur include vehicular accidents, poisoning, falls, drowning and workplace accidents.

Although it is true that accidents do happen, there is such a thing as being too careless.

In order to minimize the possibilities of your suffering from injuries, it is best to take preventive measures and take good care of yourself.

This is especially true when driving – which you should not do when sleepy, drunk or under the influence of drugs.

For the other causes of injuries, make sure that you are not swimming in unfamiliar bodies of water all by yourself. Even the simple task of placing non-skid mats in your bathroom would help.

Finally, make sure that you have ample protection in your workplace, especially if you are doing manual labor or dealing with machinery.

4. Stroke

The precautions taken in preventing heart disease is the same thing that you should do to reduce the incidence of stroke.

Limiting your alcohol consumption, steering clear of cigarettes, having a proper diet, having your blood pressure regularly checked, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising – all of these preventive measures will lower the risks of having stroke.

5. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

According to the American Lung Association, more than 60,000 men died of chronic lower respiratory diseases in 2003.

Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are some health conditions which fall under the category of chronic lower respiratory diseases.

Although there are other risk factors, the main reason why men acquire this disease is smoking.

If you’re a smoker, you are 12 times more likely to die of chronic lower respiratory diseases as compared to a man who does not smoke at all.

Obviously, the preventive measure to take for this is to quit or completely avoid smoking. You should also avoid secondhand smoke and if you’re dealing with chemicals in the workplace, make sure that you have ample protection from inhaling the substances which could be toxic – if you cannot avoid being close to chemicals at all.

6. Diabetes

If you’re a bit thick in the middle, chances are more for you to be at risk of acquiring diabetes.

This is the sixth leading cause of death among American men, which could also be due to the fact that it’s quite easy to succumb to leading a sedentary lifestyle.

So how can this disease be prevented?

You do need to maintain a healthy weight, try to reduce the flab in your middle through diet and exercise, and if you already know that you are at risk due to a history of diabetes in the family, you should have your blood sugar checked regularly. [Controlling diabetes]

7. Influenza and Pneumonia

Influenza and pneumonia are both life-threatening diseases which are actually lung infections. They could both be a result of lung damage due to asthma or smoking.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your risks of getting influenza and pneumonia by having injections.

Yearly flu shots are 90% effective in preventing the disease, and vaccines for pneumonia infection reduce the risks of acquiring it by half.

8. Suicide

It may sound uncommon to you, especially if you have not had a close encounter with suicide or depression – but it is more common than you think.

The sad thing is that very few depression cases are being diagnosed because men are less likely to treat or even recognize the symptoms of the disease if it befell them.

What’s important is for men to realize that if they are feeling depressed or experiencing suicidal tendencies, they should immediately seek professional help.

9. Kidney Disease

You can have kidney disease if you overuse over-the-counter medications like aspirin and ibuprofen.

The content of these medications are toxic to your kidneys, so don’t make it a habit of popping an aspirin every time you feel a headache coming on.

Living a healthy lifestyle and only following the doctor’s orders when taking your medication are the preventive measures for kidney disease.

10. Alzheimer’s Disease

Finally, the number 10 killer of men in the US is Alzheimer’s disease.

This disease is prevalent to those who are 65 years and above – and 4.5 million men and women are affected by it.

As of now, there really is no specific measure that you can take to prevent Alzheimer’s disease – but improving your general health may help.

The statistical average age that men in the US live is 74.8. If you would like to live well past this age, you should try leading a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise, stop smoking or avoid it completely, make sure to take preventive measures against injuries and accidents – and get regular checkups with your doctor.

By doing so, you can live a longer, healthier life.