3 Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes for Kids

Junk food just looks good doesn’t it? I mean it’s colorful, cream-filled, and just down right pleasing to the eyes. Take for example what my kids want for breakfast every morning. Without doing any name dropping here – it’s cream-filled, has sprinkles and has the word sundae in it. I mean come on, what kid wouldn’t want that first thing in the morning, right?

We, as parents, have a lot of competition out there when it comes to trying to get our kids to eat healthy. Instead of caving in and throwing our hands up in frustration, let’s get creative shall we and make healthy recipes for kids?

Think about the foods that your kids beg you to buy at the grocery store. How can you make the same thing that is fun and yummy looking, right at home with healthy ingredients instead? It is possible! Part of it is just the packaging. Oh, those cute little characters they throw on there that our kids just can’t resist. Or those free little toys that you have to buy 5 boxes AND send in money for shipping and handling. You just gotta love those advertisers!

So, maybe we can’t create cute little boxes and bags with free toys inside. (Well, I guess you actually could if you wanted to, but who has the time for that!) What we can do is make food fun. Here are 3 quick and healthy recipes for kids that I think your little ones will eat up in no time. They can also make these with you, which in their eyes will make it taste better already.

Fruit Kabobs – Now this is one colorful recipe and so much fun to make!

Small cluster of green or red grapesTangerineBananaApple (any kind)Wooden Sticks

Take the grapes off of the stem, split the tangerine into sections, slice the apple and banana. Alternate pushing each piece of fruit onto the wooden stick. Lay the sticks on a decorative platter and serve.

Monkey Mix – This is an on-the-go snack. It’s great for kids’ lunches too.

3 cups Cheerios1 cup banana chips1 cup flaked coconut1 cup chocolate chips (substitute raisins if you’d like)

Mix all the ingredients together. Keep it stored in a gallon Ziploc bag.

Fish in a Pond – This is such a fun recipe to eat. Finally kids can play with their food!

Goldfish crackers4 celery stalks, cut off leafy tops½ cup cream cheese (low-fat is good to use)1 drop blue food coloring

Put the cream cheese into a bowl and add the drop of food coloring to make it look like a pond. Put goldfish in a separate bowl. Give the kids a piece of celery and let them dip it into the cream cheese pond and then go fishing by sticking it into their bowl of goldfish. Make it a game to see how many fish they can catch.

Those are some fun recipes aren’t they? Try them out and definitely get your kids in on the action. Next time your little monkeys gets hungry, tell them to go grab a scoop of monkey mix.

The Health Benefits Of Lavender Tea

Revered for centuries as a way to soothe, calm and cleanse lavender has earned itself a name as the perennial plant that can do no bad. Everyone can find a use for this versatile herb as its unique properties are impossible to mirror.

Recently lavender tea has become popular amongst many, not yet on the supermarket shelves, it certainly won’t be long before this is taking a prime spot alongside the chamomile infusions and herbal blends, possibly becoming more popular than all of them put together.

The reasons lavender tea could quite easily see to the demise of the chamomile and others is simple, the health benefits are immense offering not one advantage but many that make it a drink of magical qualities.

As we know lavender naturally induces sleep the safe way. Proven years ago, even Queen Victoria would enjoy a lavender spritz on her freshly laundered bedding to promote a good night’s sleep. However studies have shown that these benefits extend beyond the aromatherapy, allowing tea drinkers to experience the same sedative effect through a warming cup. It can also help with leg spasms and restlessness making it ideal as a night time cuppa.

Lavender has been proved to be as effective when ingested as it is when inhaled. This makes lavender tea perfect to enjoy when experiencing the onset of a headache. Lavender oil rubbed onto the temples can double the effectiveness harnessing the calming effect from the inside out. It is claimed that lavender tea works best for headaches induced by nervousness or exhaustion and some say it is a great remedy for pre-menstrual migraines.

Stomach Upsets
Lavender tea is known to alleviate stomach cramps, cure indigestion and even act as an anti-flatulent. Typically peppermint tea is used for this purpose however with all of the additional benefits it’s plain to see why lavender tea may soon be leading the way.

How to Make Lavender Tea
Some specialist shops online do sell the perfect preparation of lavender tea, however it is also simple to make your own. Using the lavender from your garden or from buying lavender seeds and flowers online you can whip up this cure all in no time.

Simply take two teaspoons of flowers or buds (the freshest the better if harvesting your own, try not to pick blooms that are wilted or dry) and mix with one cup of boiling water. You can use honey to taste and many enjoy adding manuka honey as it combines the healing powers of both natural ingredients to make the perfect refreshing healthy drink.

A more concentrated tea (5-6 teaspoons of flowers) can be used for treating superficial cuts and burns, whereas increasing the lavender content will produce a disinfectant suitable for all surfaces.

Why Your Health Is Importantant

The answer is obvious. It is a fact of life that medical problems will be faced by us from the day we were born until the day we die. We cannot run away from medical problems but we can learn why these medical problems arise. Questions like “why did it happen?” or “what caused it?” are common amongst patients. Once these questions are answered, the next question invariably becomes “what should I do about it?”.

The more you know about your health, the more involved you can be in taking care of your health and the better overall result it would be to your life and lifestyle. Generally, there are three areas which you can look at where healthcare is concerned and these are “Keeping Fit”, “Health and Nutrition” and “Mental Wellness”.

Keeping Fit
Do you keep yourself fit? What is keeping fit? “Fitness” is much thought of as something related to some form of physical activity – mostly the rigorous kind. The standard of “fitness” varies between individual to individual. Some see walking 400 metres around the park as an achievement in itself whilst some would only be satisfied after running 10 kilometres daily. Some consider themselves fit when they are free of disease or other major health problems.

Being fit relates to every aspect of your health, whether it is physical, emotional or mental. They are all interconnected. You cannot have one without the other to be truly fit. Consider the following aspects of being fit:-
1. When you are fit, you have the stamina and positive outlook to handle all forms of mental and emotional challenges daily.
2. When you are fit, you have a reduced risk of major health problems.
3. When you are fit, you feel and look your very best and you are mentally confident about it.
4. When you are fit, you are at the peak of your physical strength and endurance at the material time.

Health and Nutrition
What is nutrition? It basically means how the food you are taking nourishes your body. Being well nourished depends on you ensuring that your body gets enough nutrients. It is not just plain eating but healthy eating that one should strive for. In this connection, good nutrition cannot be overemphasised. Healthful feeding aids fitness. Studies have shown that children who were well nourished tend to do better in growth and mental development.

The “danger in eating” which many people fail to realise is that when one eats, one is being satisfied by the senses – the taste, aroma, texture and sight of beautifully cooked and presented food. The focus on the said senses as against the focus on the nutritional value of the food to the body sometimes leave a person having an unbalanced nutrition. A person may be fond of eating steak but having that for most meals would be a recipe for health problems to occur. What is required is a balanced eating habit and ensuring that the food that you eat contains the main groups of nutrients – carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Ensure that you are eating right and that your diet is varied.

Mental Wellness
Research has shown that a healthy mind affects the overall health of a person and more so, during treatment of disease and recovery therefrom. We all need a healthy mind to have a quality life so that we can face up to the challenges of life, keep a positive outlook on things happening around us, seek intellectual stimulation and make creative use of time through work and volunteer services.

Practise good self-care for both your body and mind. Get plenty of rest, eat right and exercise regularly. Have regular medical check-ups and talk to your medical doctor about any anxieties or stress which you might be facing. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Keep your mind busy with positive learning and interacting with others through appropriate socialising.

Keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle for your health very much affects how well you are living.

Follow Weight Loss Advice To Stay Fit

According to a recent survey more than 50 percent people are overweight by some measure. Those who realize that they are overweight take different measures and follow different diet plans in order to lose weight. Many people take this as a challenge to fight against obesity and stay young and healthy. There have been so many dietary recommendations as well as nutrition advises from the dieticians and health practitioners. Let us get to understand weight loss advice that will help you stay fit and healthy.

1) Some form of physical exercise is a must: You should never forget that whichever diet pattern you may follow to lose weight, but you need to assist every weight loss program with some form of physical exercise. You may go for yoga, aerobics, fitness programs, gym etc. Exercise helps you to stay physically fit and strong. Regular exercise has many benefits; it increases your metabolic rate and also keep your heart healthy.

2) Try to follow weight loss program slowly and steadily: You must always remember that losing weight is a difficult task and not something that can be achieved over night. So it is best to follow all kinds of weight loss program slowly. Furthermore if you lose weight suddenly then it can itself possess some health problems. Your body needs to adjust in accordance with the changes in your body mass index, hence a sudden weight loss can be considered as healthy.

3) Maintain a dairy: It is a must to maintain a dairy. In this diary, you can keep a count of your daily work out sessions and weight loss routine. You can also record the changes in your eating habits and the milestones you have reached. This will help you to assess your progress easily.

4) Balanced diet is very necessary to stay healthy: This is one major weight loss advice that all doctors give. You must go for balanced diet. This helps you stay healthy and provide your body with all kinds of nutrition. Stay away from high calorie foods and junk food as they are high on calories but low on nutrition.

5) Focus on accelerating your metabolism: Some people think that eating less will help them lose weight easily but this is not true. Gone are the days when people used to starve in order to achieve their dream bodies. Today the idea is to eat more, accelerate the metabolism and lose weight. The key thing is that you have to eat the right meals instead of eating just about anything that you can find.

6) Drink water: drinking plenty of water can easily flush out the toxins in your body. In fact this is one advice that is universally applicable whether you are on a weight loss regime or not.

7) Watch out your own portion of food: It is very must to look out for you own portion of food you are having. Try to stop eating when you feel full.

8) Relax and have healthy sleeping time: You must take some time out for complete relaxation. You must try to get a sound sleep at night. A good night’s sleep is very necessary to stay active.

Vitamins For Health And Hair

Vitamins are essential for human growth and cell development. But do you know exactly what is Vitamin? Vitamin is organic food substance that is needed for all kinds of living organism. There are different kinds of Vitamins, which have their own importance and use. Different kinds of Vitamin are Vitamin A, Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

If we talk about Vitamin D then it is one of different kinds of Vitamins. It is also known as Cholecalciferol, contributes to the body absorbing Calcium and also regulating the amount of Phosphorus and Calcium in the blood. It also supports the bone strength and structure, and works synergistically with Phosphorus and Calcium. Do you know the lack of Vitamin D cause Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia in adults? In it bones become weakened and brittle and it can cause a condition known as Rickets in children. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin; those individuals who are susceptible to problem absorbing fat will need to take extra vitamin D. This can lead the people for digestive disorder such as Crohn’s diseases. The greater source of Vitamin D is sunlight, it can naturally synthesize by the body in the form of UV or Ultra Violet rays from the sun. Researches shows that the sun basks are only needed thrice in a week for no more than 15 minutes. You can also have vitamin D through a healthy diet having fish and fish oil, sardines and mackerel, in particular salmon, fortified milks, oysters and eggs yolks. On the other hand, escape the vitamins; proteins are also essential for human beings and other living organism. There are so many protein shakes available comes from lots of different and varied sources. The main source of whey protein is either animal based, plant based, or even strength from a protein supplement. Whey protein can improve blood vessels function and blood flow and blood pressure in a healthy person.

There are some basic things that needed to keep hair healthy are use of vitamins, proteins and minerals. These all are useful and needed nutrients that provided by the food we take, so it is more important to have proper healthy food in enough amounts. Lack of these nutrients results in problem such as hair loss, brittleness, shedding, premature graying and dandruff. So make it sure that you include all these vitamins in your healthy food to make your hair healthy.

There are so many vitamins that are really beneficial for hair and for health also. Vitamins that are good for hair are given below:

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, Inositol, and Niacin are those vitamins that are beneficial for health in a real estate. Vitamin A produces healthy sebum on the scalp. Biotin helps produce Keratin. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant and Vitamin E helps in improving scalp circulation. Inositol helps in keeping the hair follicles and Niacin promotes scalp circulation. Vitamin E is more important and also beneficial for health of the hair among all these vitamins. It makes the hair black and shiny, so it consider as a vitamin for black hair growth. Due to an antioxidant it works very well for hair and also helps in good blood circulation in the scalp as well as increased oxygen intake in the blood. Vitamin E has so many unique features that it helps in relieving stress and provides nourishment to the cells. Various food stuffs include vitamin E in it such as some green leafy vegetables, nuts, grains, cereals, vegetable oil and more.